Both seasons three of the four weekend towers will be available to guests for rental.  This will work excellent for wedding rentals as well as music events. The forth tower will be utilized as office space for artists.

All funds donated are to be used for artists space, artists pay, and artists supplies, etc.

Art work to be created will be art for good and in the festival grounds will promote gender and racial equality.  Other art and future art to be created will be to promote healthy habits

including games that promote the drinking of in some cases water to receive energy or games that remove violence and also remove person on person violence.  

The Advancement of Art

What you have seen is a small part of one artist's work.  I am seeking funds to assure many have the ability to work towards these goals.  

Phase one of these projects includes raising funds for the purchase of land and the construction of a large communal art studio to create Garden statues, plan festivals, and gather artists.  

  The halls and side building will be utilized as gaming development and advertising to maximize Artist growth and potential. 

As stated above we want to advance the arts so we are not just looking to be an old school art studio and place to visit for art.  We would like to advance and work with others to create jobs for future generations and be a part of community that any community would be proud to be a part of.  Lucas Studios, Marvel, Lord of the rings, they all started somewhere and then advanced to be what they are today.  Everybody needs a start.  I would like to work with Artists, Programmers, Network, and System Developers, to create this future

A Land of Enchantment

 I am hoping the

fundraising campaign will be a success and we can rise 

beyond our first phase goal allowing us to get in full swing of creation and development of a safe place for art immediately.  First festival date goal is October 2019.

   You need only read Miriah’s Story and the lost murals to know why a safe place for art is needed.

   Through the creation of the structures and inner garden we hope to represent the four murals lost.  We can never replace what is gone but we can try to recreate in the memory of it, so they are not forgotten.


    The ground is meant to be a safe place for artists to create and express themselves as they are, and to convey to the public beautiful work.  In time I would like to see the festival grounds grow to 20 acres or more with tens of thousands of visitors per year.  This would eventually fully fund several artists to work full time and make a living without leaving them to wonder how they will pay their next bill or buy desperately needed art supplies. 

​   The first festival grounds will sit in the middle of four small towers and eight foot sound barrier walls.  Each wall will be a corridor for art and festival vending. The garden will be available for weddings and other venues as well.