About the Murals

Not A Safe

Place for Art.

The first mural was a memorial to Miriaha Lynn Seal.  The mural was of a little girl releasing a dove into the air.   A photo was taken of a local girl at her first communion with her hands in the air.  A dove was added into the painting.  The mural was the first public mural for the artist that painted it and the first to cover nearly 100 feet of wall.

The second mural was a 9/11 memorial.  The tragic events of 9/11 and the Massive loss of life was horrific and the mural called for unification.

The third mural was a mural with several children and again local children posed for this mural, and they were of different ethnic backgrounds standing together promoting peace and equality.

The forth mural was a message of love.  A white rose signifying pure intentions breaking through a wall and darkness. 

The seven children on the wall are now covered with trophies and adults on plaques from the city’s local softball league.  One of them was a principal from a midwest middle school.  Remember,,, Priorities!  

The wall on the other side of the hall was available for their